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Monthly Archives: October 2019


Reasons You Should Hire an Experienced Drug Attorney

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Did you make a mistake and find yourself on the wrong side of the law? Every now and then, stuff happens that is out of our hands or accomplish without completely considering all of the consequences involved. These slip-ups and missteps can result in getting arrested, having to go to jail or prison and… Read More »

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Everything Defendants Need to Know About Bail Bonds

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Just because you are placed under arrest does not necessarily mean that you have to remain in jail for a substantial amount of time. Bail bonds permit someone that has been arrested to be let go from jail while their trial is pending. This crucial component of the criminal justice system allows defendants to… Read More »

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Waving Your Indictment to Cooperate with the Feds

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Most of the time when suspects get arrested on a federal drug, it is connected to a large federal drug conspiracy. Contingent on the role of the defendant in the supposed conspiracy, he or she may be contacted to cooperate with the U.S. Attorneys. This is the federal prosecutor’s effort to strengthen their case… Read More »

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