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Monthly Archives: November 2019


Fentanyl Is No Ordinary Drug, So Fentanyl Charges Require No Ordinary Defense Lawyer

By FL Drug Defense Group |

During the “just say no” drug education campaigns of the 1980s, teachers had to try hard to make children fear drugs, and their efforts usually backfired spectacularly.  What could be so bad about weed that makes you relax or cocaine that makes you want to stay up and party?  Drugs have gotten a lot… Read More »

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Marijuana Cultivation Charges in Florida

By FL Drug Defense Group |

One could hardly wish for a better place to grow plants than Florida.  Part of its appeal as a destination for retirees is that seniors can spend their days primping the hibiscus bushes and bougainvillea vines in front of their houses and pick oranges and grapefruit from the trees in the backyard for breakfast. … Read More »

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