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Monthly Archives: June 2020


How Will the COVID-19 Pandemic Affect Fentanyl Arrests and Overdoses in Florida?

By FL Drug Defense Group |

The COVID-19 pandemic has made many of us realize, more than we ever did before, how many aspects of our daily lives are the direct result of things that happen all the way on the other side of the world.  Just a few months after the first cases of the novel coronavirus were diagnosed… Read More »

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DeLand Couple Arrested for Injecting Opioids While Toddler Was in the Car with Them

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Sometimes getting arrested for drug possession can be the first step toward a life of sobriety.  Some people look back on their drug possession arrest as the day that saved their lives.  Whether things get better or worse after the police catch you with drugs depends on many factors.  The best-case scenario is for… Read More »

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