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Monthly Archives: November 2021


Florida Reinstates Pre-Pandemic Medical Cannabis Restrictions

By FL Drug Defense Group |

When millions of Floridians were stuck at home for the better part of a year, watching the world fall apart, they have plenty of time to speculate about how the world could, or should, be different once it became safe to venture out again.  Even introverts came to appreciate the human connection you get… Read More »

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Only In Florida Can Good Samaritan Laws Coexist With Murder Charges For An Accidental Drug Overdose

By FL Drug Defense Group |

What do you do if a drug buddy of yours shows signs of an overdose, such as unconsciousness, while at your house?  Do you call 911 and tell the first responders the truth, or do you scramble to hide evidence, whether it means flushing your drugs, chucking your computer out the window, or even… Read More »

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Florida Cops Pull Over Pickup Truck Full Of Lobsters And Weed

By FL Drug Defense Group |

The rules about recreational lobster fishing in Florida include a “daily bag limit,” which means that each person is allowed to catch up to six lobsters, as long as each lobster’s body shell is at least three inches long.  While recreational cannabis use is still illegal on the state level, some cities and counties… Read More »

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Police Arrest Man After Finding Three Pounds Of Cannabis Products In Yulee House

By FL Drug Defense Group |

How much trouble you will get in for possessing a small bag of weed depends on what part of Florida you are in.  In several counties and cities, most of them centered on the metropolitan areas of Orlando and Miami, possession of a small quantity of cannabis is a civil infraction, and you will… Read More »

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