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Monthly Archives: April 2022


Sheriff’s Deputies Seize Four Pounds Of MDMA From Hotel Room

By FL Drug Defense Group |

The market for illegal drugs is always changing, much more quickly than drug laws change.  The so-called crack cocaine epidemic of the 1980s now seems like ancient history.  If your school curriculum included sessions in health class dedicated to recreational drugs and how to avoid them, the teachers’ information about drugs probably seemed woefully… Read More »

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Ocala Man Pleads Guilty To Possession With Intent To Distribute After Police Find His DNA At The Crime Scene

By FL Drug Defense Group |

In early 2019, Glenn Edward Davis, Jr. of Ocala was 32 years old, and he already had 14 felony convictions on his record; the Department of Justice did not say what the felonies on his record were or how much time, if any, Davis had served in prison.  Because of his criminal record, he… Read More »

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South Florida Nutritional Supplement Salesmen Convicted Of Illegally Distributing Anabolic Steroids

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Now that the Olympic Games are in session, the media has once again turned its attention to performance-enhancing drugs, but in Florida, we never forgot about them.  In certain parts of Florida, especially near beaches and gyms, it is a common occurrence to see people with such muscular physiques that you wonder if they… Read More »

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