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Monthly Archives: September 2022


Do Syringe Exchange Centers Provide Legal Immunity In Drug Cases?

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Everyone knows that injecting yourself with intravenous drugs is risky even under the safest circumstances, that even a tiny amount of fentanyl can kill, and that it is very difficult to know whether the substance that is about to enter your bloodstream contains fentanyl.  Syringe exchange programs, which are sometimes also called needle exchanges… Read More »

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The Three Elements Of A Drug Possession Charge: Legality, Knowledge, And Control

By FL Drug Defense Group |

You may have read in the news about defendants who were facing criminal charges for offenses like drug possession with intent to distribute, or even trafficking in controlled substances, but who were able to arrange a plea deal by pleading guilty to simple possession.  This may leave you with the impression that getting convicted… Read More »

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Not Every Car With A Plush Minion On The Dashboard Has Ketamine In The Glove Compartment

By FL Drug Defense Group |

In certain medical contexts, ketamine is the least dangerous drug.  It induces a dissociative, dreamlike mental state and relieves pain and anxiety, but it does not suppress breathing or reduce blood pressure.  If you have ever woken up during surgery (a lot of people have), you probably don’t remember it, because of ketamine.  In… Read More »

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Anabolic Steroid Laws In Florida

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Visitors to Florida are often impressed, or even intimidated, by how physically fit everyone looks.  Part of the reason for this is that Florida’s warm climate effectively renders the entire state a 24-hour outdoor gym.  Besides that, there is Florida’s booming cosmetic surgery industry; for the right price, anyone can get a lean, youthful… Read More »

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Drug Crimes In Drug-Free Zones

By FL Drug Defense Group |

In criminal cases involving drug offenses, many details affect the outcome of the case.  Was the drug in question a Schedule I controlled substance, a Schedule V controlled substance, or somewhere in the middle?  How large a quantity of the drug was present?  Does the defendant have any other convictions on his or her… Read More »

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