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Monthly Archives: March 2023


Miami-Dade County Man Gets 78 Months In Prison For Distributing Methamphetamine In Bradenton

By FL Drug Defense Group |

In some ways, drug laws are arbitrary, but in other ways, it is possible to make strategic arguments that can reliably influence the outcome of your case.  As for arbitrariness, the classification of drugs into Schedule I controlled substances (always illegal) and Schedules II through V (pharmaceutical drugs that carry a considerable risk of… Read More »

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You Can Still Get In Serious Legal Trouble For Ketamine Possession, Even As Research On Its Therapeutic Uses Continues

By FL Drug Defense Group |

From a medical perspective, substance use disorder is a mental illness; the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), the most authoritative textbook on psychiatry, categorizes it as such.  Meanwhile, since there is so much variety in the substances to which one can become addicted, there is not one single medication that can… Read More »

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A Litany Of Flimsy Excuses Leads To A Drug Trafficking Arrest

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Many drug crime arrests happen because police officers meddle in defendants’ business more than necessary.  During a traffic stop, police can come up with a variety of reasons, each more subjective than the last, about why they need to search your car.  Perhaps a harmless item in the center console of your car, such… Read More »

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Attorney General Issues Uniform Sentencing Guidelines For Cocaine Possession Cases, Regardless Of Whether It Is Crack Or Powder

By FL Drug Defense Group |

In Florida, whether the weather is warm all year round, it is always a good time for a popsicle.  Because of this, your parents always keep the freezer stocked with popsicles, whether it is the supermarket brand ones that only come in cherry, grape, and orange or those fancy, rocket ship-shaped ones that are… Read More »

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Victims’ Advocacy Group Sues Snapchat For Facilitating Sale Of Pills That Caused Overdose Deaths

By FL Drug Defense Group |

In 2022, law enforcement throughout the United States seized enough fentanyl to kill the country’s entire population.  The amount of illegal fentanyl confiscated this year was nearly twice the amount confiscated last year.  It stands to reason, then, that fentanyl, the drug that causes more fatal overdoses than any other drug, is everywhere.  In… Read More »

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