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Monthly Archives: April 2023


FDA Imposes Stricter Rules For Importation Of Xylazine

By FL Drug Defense Group |

One of the scariest things about illegal drugs is that you can never be sure what you are buying on the street or on the Internet or what the forensics lab will find in the zip top bag of white powder that the police confiscated from a traffic stop.  A major reason that fentanyl… Read More »

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What Causes Prosecutors To Elect Not To Prosecute Drug Cases?

By FL Drug Defense Group |

When you get arrested on suspicion of drug offenses, it does not automatically mean that you will be charged with a crime.  Your case can only move forward if prosecutors file charges against you, and the decision of whether to pursue that goal belongs to the prosecutors and not the judges.  It is the… Read More »

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Federal Agency Declares Delta-8 THC A Controlled Substance

By FL Drug Defense Group |

No matter how much or how little weed you smoke, everyone can agree that cannabis laws, in their current state, are confusing and inconsistent.  The current patchwork of local and state regulations regarding marijuana, hemp, THC oil, cannabis edibles, CBD products, sativa, indica, and all the rest of it are preferable to an all-out… Read More »

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