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Category Archives: Drug Court Diversion


Drug Court Is Not a “Get Out of Jail Free” Card

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Drug courts are a welcome contribution to criminal justice reform, and they are present in all of Florida’s most populous metropolitan areas.  If you get arrested for drug possession and the judge approves you for participation in drug court, you can emerge from the experience without a criminal conviction on your record if you… Read More »

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Post-Adjudicatory Drug Court Is Better Than Prison, but It Isn’t a Panacea

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Addiction is not a crime, but for too long, the court system has treated it as though it were.  Too often, being tough on crime simply means punishing people for not having the financial resources and the social support system of friends and relatives to help them stay sober for the long term.  Keeping… Read More »

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