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Category Archives: Sales Trafficking


Florida Man Arrested For Transporting $344,000 Of Cathinone In Rented Vehicle

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Cathinone, also known as beta-keto-amphetamine, is the active ingredient in khat, a plant that grows in East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.  Men in Yemen, Ethiopia, Djibouti, and other countries in the region often chew khat during social occasions or in order to stay alert at work.  You have probably never encountered khat in… Read More »

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How A Series Of Minor Drug Offense Convictions Can Add Up To A Life Sentence

By FL Drug Defense Group |

People who are serving long prison sentences for drug crimes often look back on that one traffic stop that changed everything.  They think that if they had been driving five miles per hour faster or five miles per hour slower than they actually were, then the police officer would not have noticed the broken… Read More »

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Ocala Man Pleads Guilty To Possession With Intent To Distribute After Police Find His DNA At The Crime Scene

By FL Drug Defense Group |

In early 2019, Glenn Edward Davis, Jr. of Ocala was 32 years old, and he already had 14 felony convictions on his record; the Department of Justice did not say what the felonies on his record were or how much time, if any, Davis had served in prison.  Because of his criminal record, he… Read More »

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South Florida Nutritional Supplement Salesmen Convicted Of Illegally Distributing Anabolic Steroids

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Now that the Olympic Games are in session, the media has once again turned its attention to performance-enhancing drugs, but in Florida, we never forgot about them.  In certain parts of Florida, especially near beaches and gyms, it is a common occurrence to see people with such muscular physiques that you wonder if they… Read More »

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Fentanyl Dealer Sentenced To 19 Years After Police Chase Across Indian River County

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Those social media posts about people needing to be revived with naloxone after accidentally touching a grain of fentanyl powder are not factual, but it is true that fentanyl is so powerful that ingesting a tiny dose can be fatal.  Fentanyl is approximately 100 times as strong as morphine, making it much more potent… Read More »

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Tampa Man Gets Prison Sentence For Selling Cocaine And Firearms To Confidential Informant

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Movies about the criminal underworld make confidential informants look like cool antiheroes, but acting as an informant in a drug investigation is a delicate balancing act.  The ideal plea deal would be one that enables you to serve your probation or your relatively brief prison sentence and then move on with your life.  Being… Read More »

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