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Monthly Archives: January 2024


Martin County Sheriff’s Deputies Seize 10,000 Fentanyl Pills in Drug Bust

By FL Drug Defense Group |

The scary thing about fentanyl is that even a tiny amount can kill, and even scarier than that is that many victims of fentanyl overdose were not even aware that the drugs they were consuming contained fentanyl.  Instead, the victims though that the white powder they purchased on the street was cocaine or methamphetamine,… Read More »

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Can You Use an Alibi Defense in a Drug Case?

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Somewhere in the living room of a rented single-family home in Florida, a McMansion turned drug den, a group of people are sitting on couches around a coffee table, passing around a joint even though each of them is already high on a unique combination of substances.  Some of the participants are lifelong friends,… Read More »

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