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Monthly Archives: June 2024


Online Purchase of Synthetic Opioids From China Leads to Arrest of South Florida Man

By FL Drug Defense Group |

When you were a child and you curiously started to open a brightly colored envelope from the mailbox, even though it was addressed to one of your parents, they probably sternly warned you that it is against the law to open other people’s mail.  Your parents were correct; the Fourth Amendment protection against illegal… Read More »

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Is It Just a Bag of Weed or Evidence of a Drug Conspiracy?

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Journalists never get tired of knitting their brows about how housing Florida is unaffordable.  Their think pieces often go on to outline scenarios of how Florida’s unaffordable housing could cause the economy of the entire United States, or even the entire world, to collapse.  All of this macroeconomic hype is missing one of the… Read More »

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Embalming Fluid Isn’t Just for Exquisite Corpses Anymore

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Dry climates, such as one finds in Egypt and the Sahara, are ideal for preserving documents written on plant-based materials such as papyrus and paper.  Manuscripts that are hundreds of years old have survived in the libraries of Timbuktu, and some papyri have survived for thousands of years in Egypt.  The Florida swamp is… Read More »

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