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Monthly Archives: August 2021


Wesley Chapel Man Pleads Guilty To Distribution Of Fentanyl Resulting In Death

By FL Drug Defense Group |

A recent development in a years-long drug trafficking conspiracy case serves as a reminder that it is possible to get a sentence of life in prison for drug distribution.  The defendant has yet to be sentenced, so it is not yet possible to know how long his sentence will be or when, if ever,… Read More »

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New Clinical Trial Brings MDMA One Step Closer To Approval As A Treatment For PTSD

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Before there were Ecstasy and Molly, there was MDMA.  Before there was PTSD, there was shell shock, the term used to describe the chronic, debilitating anxiety and other psychological symptoms experienced by veterans returning from trench warfare during the First World War.  The disease got different names after each war as soldiers experienced similar… Read More »

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