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Monthly Archives: July 2022


Does A Positive Field Drug Test Mean That You Are Guilty?

By FL Drug Defense Group |

A lot of the things that police officers say and do during traffic stops are for no reason other than to intimidate or confuse the defendant.  Consider the field sobriety tests that officers often ask drivers to perform at traffic stops for suspected drunk driving, such as walking an imaginary tightrope or reciting the… Read More »

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What Happens To Your Voting Rights If You Get A Drug Conviction In Florida?

By FL Drug Defense Group |

The long-term consequences of getting a criminal conviction are the hardest to deal with.  Spending months or years in jail or prison is difficult, but most people get through it by focusing on the things they want to do once they get out, and they pass the time working on their physical fitness or… Read More »

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You Can Still Get Criminal Charges For Possession Of Fentanyl Test Strips In Florida

By FL Drug Defense Group |

The five categories of drugs according to the federal Controlled Substances Act are not based directly on the quantity of the drug considered a lethal dose.  Therefore, fentanyl, cocaine, Adderall, and hydrocodone are all Schedule II controlled substances, but they do not all carry an equal risk of fatal overdose.  Fentanyl is no ordinary… Read More »

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What Are Z-Drugs, And Are They Legal?

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Children who attended drug education classes in school in Florida in the 1980s and the early 1990s could see through the “drugs are bad” propaganda.  At least, they could tell that their buttoned-down teachers simply didn’t know enough about cannabis, cocaine, and heroin to have an informed opinion about them.  Meanwhile, the glimmer in… Read More »

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