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Monthly Archives: August 2022


Beware Of Xylazine: The Medical Consequences Are Worse Than The Legal Ones

By FL Drug Defense Group |

By now you have heard the warnings about how, when you buy a bag of powder from a drug dealer, you don’t really know what it contains. The “Just Say No” drug education classes of the 1980s used to warn young people that the powder they thought was cocaine might contain horrible things like… Read More »

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How Illegal Are Designer Drugs?

By FL Drug Defense Group |

“Designer drugs” is a misleading name; it sounds like they are new, fashionable drugs, available only to celebrities and to people with great connections.  The term calls to mind designer clothing, handbags, and sunglasses, but designer drugs are something less glamorous.  The definition of a designer drug includes any psychoactive chemical that has a… Read More »

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Florida Study Reveals That Reddit Gossip Predicts Drug Overdose Clusters

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Lies spread quickly on the Internet, but so does the truth.  In the 80s, you could get worked up into a panic about drugs if you saw an episode of 60 Minutes or heard a scary lecture in school or youth group, but you always went away with more questions than answers.  In the… Read More »

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Do You Have To Pay Restitution If You Are Convicted Of A Drug Offense?

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Most people who plead guilty to crimes are motivated, at least in part, by the fact that defendants who plead guilty usually receive lighter sentences than defendants who are found guilty at trial.  When you are facing criminal charges for drug possession or another drug offense, your biggest concern is probably whether or not… Read More »

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