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Monthly Archives: November 2022


Driver’s License Suspension And Florida Drug Possession Cases

By FL Drug Defense Group |

A criminal charge for drug possession is far from the worst-case scenario when it comes to drug offenses.  When you first contact a criminal defense lawyer, he or she might be relieved to find out that the charges are just simple possession instead of something worse, such as drug trafficking or possession with intent… Read More »

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Does The Federal Cannabis Possession Pardon Signal A New Era For Federal Cannabis Laws?

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Cannabis is illegal in Florida except when it isn’t.  Florida has yet to decriminalize cannabis possession at the state level, but the number of cities that treat possession of small amounts of cannabis as a civil infraction instead of a crime is growing by the year.  Meanwhile, it is legal to possess small quantities… Read More »

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Are Super Mushrooms Legal?

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Almost everyone has seen an artistic depiction of an Amanita muscaria mushroom.  Its tall stalk and bright red cap with white spots and white gills look like something straight out of folklore or an artist’s imagination.  Children of the 1980s watched Mario and Luigi gain superpowers by eating these fungi in the Super Mario… Read More »

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Inchoate Offenses In Drug Cases

By FL Drug Defense Group |

The legal term “inchoate offense” refers to criminal offenses where the defendant was preparing for or in the early stages of another crime, known as the target offense, but got caught before the crime could reach the stage where it could cause physical or financial harm to victims.  The word “inchoate” comes from a… Read More »

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