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Monthly Archives: December 2022


Drug Possession Means Even Bigger Legal Trouble When Children Are Present

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Drug courts and criminal laws have begun to move away from the rhetoric of the War on Drugs and to treat the criminal offense of drug possession as a symptom of substance use disorder.  The crime has no victims except the defendant; if you illegally possess controlled substances, you are not endangering anyone except… Read More »

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Researchers Are Working On A Fentanyl Vaccine

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Hope and fear emerge from the most unexpected places in the opioid epidemic.  When pill mills replaced street corner heroin as the scariest source of opioids, who knew that heroin would make a comeback?  Fentanyl is a terrifyingly efficient killer, but naloxone is equally efficient at saving lives.  After policymakers argued for decades about… Read More »

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Why Do Police Drop Charges In Drug Cases?

By FL Drug Defense Group |

You may have heard the scary statistic that 90 percent of defendants in criminal cases plead guilty, but that does not mean that, if you get arrested on suspicion of a drug crime, the chances that you will emerge from the incident without a criminal record are less than ten percent.  This figure does… Read More »

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