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Monthly Archives: October 2023


MDPV Takes Your Favorite Drugs and Makes Them Druggier

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Designer drugs.  Bath salts.  Research chemicals.  Synthetic cathinones go by many names, but, with a few variations in the details, they can all get you into major legal trouble if police find them in your possession.  Synthetic cathinones are so called because their chemical structure resembles cathinone, the stimulant chemical found in the leaves… Read More »

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Undercover Detective Buys Drugs From Manager of Pizzeria

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Pizza is always a treat, but especially if you have the munchies, and Pizzano’s Pizzeria in Lake Wales delivers the goods.  Lots of people go there to satisfy their pizza cravings after smoking weed, and cannabis sale and possession has been decriminalized in so many contexts in Florida that if you have a bag… Read More »

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EMS Employee Charged With Stealing Controlled Substances From Employer

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Stressful jobs and the easy availability of addictive substances are a dangerous combination.  Go to any Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, and you will meet people who tell you that, for them, the trouble started when they were working in a restaurant kitchen where the alcohol flowed freely.  In healthcare jobs, where you are surrounded by… Read More »

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At Long Last, Federal Agency Recommends Rescheduling Cannabis

By FL Drug Defense Group |

A few decades ago, radio stations used to bleep out the word “weed” when Nate Dogg sang, “smoke weed every day” at the end of Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode.”  In those days, “I Got 5 on It” by Luniz only ever played on the radio in the middle night, despite being on every… Read More »

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