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Monthly Archives: November 2023


Do Affirmative Defenses Work in Drug Cases?

By FL Drug Defense Group |

It is sometimes possible to be acquitted of a crime if you admit that you committed the act, but you claim that you had a reason for doing it that absolves you of criminal liability.  This type of defense strategy is called an affirmative defense.  It means that you are not saying, “I didn’t… Read More »

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By FL Drug Defense Group |

A plot point in The Wolf of Wall Street centers around the rarity of Quaaludes, a prized but highly illegal drug with the power to make you feel both chill and invincible at the same time.  After taking Quaaludes, Leonardo DiCaprio’s character spends what seems like a lovely night out and arrives home safely,… Read More »

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Should You Testify at Trial in Your Drug Case?

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Defendants in criminal cases have the right to face their accusers in court.  This means that you have the right to a fair trial, and you have the right to testify on the witness stand at your trial.  Not all defendants do this, though.  Fewer than ten percent of defendants who enter a plea… Read More »

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Federal Target Letters and Florida Drug Cases

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Criminal cases involving simple possession of illegal drugs or controlled substances usually go through the state courts.  If you do not have any prior criminal convictions, you might even be eligible for a pretrial diversion drug court program, where, if you complete the court-ordered substance abuse treatment and other requirements of the program successfully,… Read More »

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