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Monthly Archives: May 2024


Jury Instructions in Florida Drug Cases

By FL Drug Defense Group |

The Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution enshrines the right to a fair trial, and a trial is not fair unless all of the participants perform their duties according to the dictates of the law.  This includes the police who obtained the warrants and made the arrest, the prosecutors who made a case… Read More »

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Opening Statements in Florida Drug Crime Trials

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Most defendants in drug crime cases do not go to trial, but the ones that do go in with a plan.  By the time the trial begins, your lawyer will have already thought about every witness you will summon and every question your lawyer will ask when examining your witnesses and cross-examining the prosecution’s… Read More »

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Vote for Legal Weed in 2024?

By FL Drug Defense Group |

The last time you were sober enough to think about it, cannabis laws in Florida were very different from how they are today.  They say that state laws affect your everyday life more than federal laws, but if everyone ignores the law anyway, do Florida’s cannabis laws affect you at all?  After all, you… Read More »

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