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Florida Drug Defense Attorney > Blog > Drug Crime Defense > Vote for Legal Weed in 2024?

Vote for Legal Weed in 2024?


The last time you were sober enough to think about it, cannabis laws in Florida were very different from how they are today.  They say that state laws affect your everyday life more than federal laws, but if everyone ignores the law anyway, do Florida’s cannabis laws affect you at all?  After all, you have been high since “legalize it” was just an edgy slogan you used to see on the bumper stickers of like-minded people’s cars in the parking lots of restaurants that stay open 24 hours.  Today, weed is legal in Florida except when it isn’t.  To keep track of where and when you can and cannot smoke weed in Florida without getting in trouble, you would need the kind of mental focus that only comes with abstaining from cannabis, and who wants that?  A better idea would be to legalize weed once and for all, like some other states have done.  On this election ballot, Florida voters might get a chance to do just that.  Of course, doing more than just possessing weed will still be illegal, even if the ballot measure passes.  If you are being accused of the illegal cultivation of cannabis, contact a Florida drug offenses attorney.

When Is Weed Still Illegal in Florida?

Federal law still considers cannabis a Schedule I controlled substance, illegal for medical use and medical research.  Technically, cannabis is still illegal at the state level in Florida, too, but there are so many loopholes and exceptions that it is easy to forget this.  Florida’s medical cannabis program started in 2016, and today, there are medical cannabis dispensaries operating throughout the state.  As long as you have a medical cannabis card, you can buy smokable marijuana, cannabis edibles, or THC oil from licensed dispensaries.

Meanwhile, several local laws also decriminalize recreational use of cannabis.  In 2016, around the same time that the medical cannabis program started, Orlando enacted a citywide law decriminalizing possession of small quantities of cannabis.  If you get caught with less than 20 grams of cannabis, you get a civil citation that requires you to pay a $100 fine.

Ballot Question May Ask Voters to Decriminalize Recreational Use of Cannabis

During this year’s elections, the most popular candidate on the ballot might be weed.  Voters may get to answer a ballot question in which they would vote “yes” or “no” to add a Constitutional amendment that would decriminalize recreational use of marijuana.  If the ballot measure passes, Florida law will treat cannabis like alcohol, meaning that all adults 21 and older can buy it from businesses legally authorized to sell it.

High THC Medical Cannabis Is Here to Stay

Meanwhile, two bills that proposed to place additional restrictions on medical cannabis failed to pass.  HB 1269 and SB 7050 both proposed limiting the cannabis plants used in products sold at licensed medical cannabis dispensaries to 30 percent THC.

Contact FL Drug Defense Group About Drug Cases

A Central Florida criminal defense lawyer can help you if you are being accused of illegal sale or trafficking of cannabis.  Contact FL Drug Defense Group in Orlando, Florida to discuss your case.



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