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Monthly Archives: January 2020


The Synthetic Drug Abuse Prevention Act: When “Research Chemicals” Officially Become Illegal Drugs

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Want to get high without doing drugs?  You have plenty of options, as every kid tasting freedom for the first time knows.  From eating vast amounts of candy or riding amusement park rides all day long to gazing at a lava lamp in a black-lit room or lighting incense and watching the smoke waft… Read More »

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If the Police Search Your Vehicle for Drugs, Don’t Panic; Call a Defense Lawyer

By FL Drug Defense Group |

If you are reading this website in a public place, look around the room and try to figure out how many people are under the influence of a controlled substance they are not legally allowed to possess.  Several people probably smoked weed outside of one of the Florida cities where smoking weed without a… Read More »

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Common Defenses to Drug Crime Cases

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Pleading not guilty to criminal charges, whether for drug charges or any other misdemeanor or felony is more than a matter of just saying “I didn’t do it.”  The United States Constitution, federal and state statutes, and case law have contributed to a complex process in which the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable… Read More »

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