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Monthly Archives: November 2020


Judge Sentences Defendant to 70 Months in Prison for Small Scale Online Drug Trafficking Operation

By FL Drug Defense Group |

How much time, if any, you will have to spend in prison for a drug conviction depends on many factors.  Plea deals can make a big difference.  Prior convictions are also an important factor.  Old drug convictions can come back to haunt you if you get new drug possession charges.  For this reason, many… Read More »

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Fort Pierce Man Arrested for Distributing Drug Mixture Including Fentanyl

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Fentanyl causes more overdose deaths than any other opioid, largely because people do not realize that they are taking it.  It is much stronger than heroin, but much less expensive.  Because of its potency and low cost, drug dealers often mix it with other drugs, such that people who intend to take a less… Read More »

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Despite Criticism by Voting Rights Groups, Court Rules That Floridians Must Pay All Fines Imposed by Criminal Courts Before Reinstating Their Voting Rights

By FL Drug Defense Group |

When a judge hands down a prison sentence at your sentencing hearing, a cascade of fears floods your mind.  Isolation from family and friends.  Getting in fights every day until the bullies stop picking on you.  The awful food.  You don’t think about it as soon as you find out your sentence, but the… Read More »

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