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Monthly Archives: January 2021


Will You Get Drug Charges If You Have an Empty Canister of Whip Cream in Your Car?

By FL Drug Defense Group |

The drugs listed on various schedules in accordance with the Controlled Substances Act are there because their potential for abuse is at least as great as their potential for beneficial use.  The drugs on Schedules II through V have accepted medical uses but can only be dispensed by prescription or administered by medical professionals. … Read More »

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While Researchers Investigate the Therapeutic Potential of Salvia Divinorum, the Plant Remains Illegal in Florida

By FL Drug Defense Group |

The line between “drug” as in medicine and “drug” as in recreational drug use is blurry in many contexts.  Many of the substances listed under the Controlled Substances Act have accepted medical uses.  In fact, a major impetus for the legalization of medical cannabis was that many patients found it more therapeutic and less… Read More »

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Man Gets 17-Year Prison Sentence After Receiving Shipment of Ecstasy Pills from the Netherlands

By FL Drug Defense Group |

The Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution gives defendants in criminal cases the right not to make statements that would incriminate them.  The “right to remain silent” clause in the Miranda warnings read to defendants upon their arrest refers to this right.  The purpose of giving defendants the right to remain silent is… Read More »

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