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Monthly Archives: July 2021


Alford Pleas: When Does Pleading Guilty Not Require You To Admit Wrongdoing?

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Why do so many defendants plead guilty?  When you are not facing criminal charges, and therefore not facing a years-long or decades-long prison sentence, it is easy to say that you would never confess to a crime you did not commit, or even a crime you did commit.  Things look very different when you… Read More »

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The Rights Of Foreign Nationals In Drug Trafficking Cases

By FL Drug Defense Group |

By now, the rights of defendants in criminal cases sound familiar to you.  You have the right to be presumed innocent until you plead guilty or are found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt at trial.  You have a right to a trial before unbiased jurors.  You have the right not to incriminate yourself; this… Read More »

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Polk County Officials Seize $53 Million Of Drugs And Contraband From International Drug Trafficking Operation

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Whether you are charged with carrying a few MDMA pills in your backpack or receiving a shipment of fentanyl you bought on the dark web from another country for resale in Florida, your rights as a defendant in a criminal case are the same.  You have the right to consult an attorney and not… Read More »

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Venice Couple Arrested After Toddler Suffers Drug Overdose At Their Home

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Young children like to put non-edible things in their mouths, and this is a constant source of worry for parents, at least until they find out that the child did not actually swallow the item or that it is not harmful.  Look at the Google search history of people who are new to parenthood,… Read More »

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