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Monthly Archives: February 2022


Two Central Florida Men Sentenced To 15 Years In Prison After Attempting To Buy Cocaine From Federal Agents

By FL Drug Defense Group |

There is a trope in movies about drug dealing that no one trusts anyone.  In fact, the feeling of paranoia when one is involved in illegal activities and could get caught at any time is a factor that some people will tell you motivated them to seek addiction treatment.  People who have completed pretrial… Read More »

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State Attorney’s Office Offers Plea Deal To Sheriff’s Deputy Who Allegedly Arrested Dozens Of People On False Charges Of Drug Possession

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Anyone who has served a prison sentence for drug possession can tell you that it is an excessive punishment.  Fortunately, Florida has expanded its access to pretrial diversion programs for drug cases in recent years.  Maintaining sobriety and finding stable employment are hard enough when you are not one missed probation appointment away from… Read More »

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Man And Woman Arrested For Drug Possession At Traffic Stop Outside Universal Studios Theme Park

By FL Drug Defense Group |

They say that Walt Disney World is the happiest place on earth, and plenty of aspiring writers have described their experiences there while under the influence of cannabis, hallucinogenic mushrooms, or some other substance with the same verve with which Hunter S. Thompson described his experiences in Las Vegas in a previous decade.  The… Read More »

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Whatever Eutylone Is, Florida Discovered It Before The Rest Of The Country

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Florida Man’s got a brand new bag, and its name is eutylone.  Eutylone is only the latest in a constantly evolving series of synthetic cathinones.  It was virtually unknown until 2019, when ephylone, another synthetic cathinone that produces similar effects, became subject to official bans.  More than 4,500 people nationwide were arrested for possession… Read More »

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