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Monthly Archives: August 2023


Staying Silent While the Police Examine Your Drugs Is Better Than Making a Fool of Yourself

By FL Drug Defense Group |

When you see a police cruiser flashing its blue lights behind you, you might assume that you are toast.  The location of your drugs might be so obvious to you that you cannot take your eyes off of it, but at least for now, the cops don’t know that the drugs are there.  Sometimes… Read More »

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Can You Get Convicted Four Times and Acquitted a Fifth?

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Whenever you face criminal charges, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty.  The right to a fair trial with an unbiased jury means that, if you have previous criminal convictions, the attorneys for the prosecution cannot mention these during your trial, lest it influence the jurors’ decision about the present case.  The only way… Read More »

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How to Avoid Getting Arrested When the Police Crash a Party at Your House

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Police harassment in public is bad enough, but can cops really show up at your house and start looking for reasons to arrest you?  Most of the time, they cannot.  The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution protects against unlawful search and seizure, so police cannot enter a residence unless they have a… Read More »

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Florida Enacts Two Laws Imposing New Restrictions on Cannabis

By FL Drug Defense Group |

How legal is cannabis in Florida?  Increasingly, it depends when you ask.  Cannabis is a hot topic for legislation at the state and local levels.  In just a decade, cannabis has gone from being completely illegal in every state to our current confusing, but noticeably 420 friendlier, state of affairs.  Some states have given… Read More »

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