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Florida Drug Defense Attorney > Blog > Drug Crime Defense > How to Avoid Getting Arrested When the Police Crash a Party at Your House

How to Avoid Getting Arrested When the Police Crash a Party at Your House


Police harassment in public is bad enough, but can cops really show up at your house and start looking for reasons to arrest you?  Most of the time, they cannot.  The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution protects against unlawful search and seizure, so police cannot enter a residence unless they have a warrant or unless they are responding to a call about a disturbance or suspicious activity at the house.  This means that there is a chance that a police officer could knock on the door of the house while you or your housemates are entertaining guests or while you are a party guest at someone else’s house.  Last month, police in Fort Pierce executed a search warrant at a house where they had reason to believe that drug activity was taking place.  They arrested six of the 14 people present, some of them for charges unrelated to drugs, such as resisting an officer without violence or for an outstanding warrant for driving with a suspended license.  If you were wrongfully arrested because you were within two degrees of separation of drug activity, contact a Florida drug offenses attorney.

Mind Your Business, but Don’t Make It Obvious That You Are Pretending to Mind Your Business

If police think that drug deals are going on at your house, they may question everyone present.  Just as when the police pull you over for no good reason, you should tell the truth about your name and address.  If you were just minding your own business when the police showed up, this would be obvious.  For example, if the police arrive while you are in your room watching videos on your phone and your roommate is in the living room divvying up the contents of a bottle of Xanax with four friends, stay in your room.  If you were in the living room watching videos on your phone and not participating in the Xanax exchange, stay in the living room.  If you dash to your room when a police officer enters the house, it will only attract the suspicion of the police.

Tell the Truth About Your Drugs When Good Samaritan Laws Will Protect You

Lying to police is a bad idea in every circumstance, but you do have the right to remain silent and to plead the Fifth Amendment.  Sometimes the police care more about knowing the truth than they do about punishing you for it, though.  For example, Good Samaritan laws provide immunity from drug-related charges for everyone who is present when first responders arrive to render assistance to someone suffering from a drug overdose.  If first responders administer Narcan to a guest at a party where you are present, do not attempt to flush your drugs or lie about the fact that you are under the influence of drugs.

Contact FL Drug Defense Group About Drug Parties Gone Wrong

A Central Florida criminal defense lawyer can help you if you were one of multiple people arrested on drug charges at a social gathering.  Contact FL Drug Defense Group in Orlando, Florida to discuss your case.




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