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Monthly Archives: July 2024


Broward Men Face Criminal Charges After Throwing Backpack Full of Drugs Out the Window on Alligator Alley

By FL Drug Defense Group |

If you want to ditch a backpack full of stuff you aren’t supposed to have, there are worse places to do it than Alligator Alley at night.  An isolated stretch of road, surrounded by alligator-infested marshes connecting Florida’s Gold Coast to the Paradise Coast, is one of the few places in Florida you can… Read More »

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Take a Deep Breath and Turn Yourself In

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Florida has a lot of scary things.  The ordinary afternoon thunderstorms are so terrifying that any reasonable person would head for the hills long before Florida appears in the cone projecting the path of a tropical storm or hurricane.  Nutria and iguanas are everywhere, and even the ducks that hang around Florida’s numerous man… Read More »

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