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Florida Drug Defense Attorney > Blog > Drug Crime Defense > Two Women Charged With Trafficking Methamphetamine After Controlled Buy

Two Women Charged With Trafficking Methamphetamine After Controlled Buy


Your high school drug buddies probably used to exchange stories about how they got caught smoking weed or how they hid their habits in plain sight.  Perhaps they traded stories about which over the counter eye drops were best for hiding the signs of cannabis intoxication in one’s eyes, and one friend may have even boasted, that, every morning while her parents got dressed for work, she quickly got ready for school and took the family dog for a walk while she smoked a joint.  Most former drug users will not tell you that the last time they ever used drugs was the time that their parents found out, and they were so embarrassed, they vowed never to touch drugs again.  Getting caught by law enforcement usually has a bigger effect, whether you enter a pretrial diversion program and emerge without a criminal record or face criminal penalties.  What happens if the law enforcement officer who catches you with the drugs is also your parent?  The probability of this happening is rather low, but the chances of getting criminal penalties if you get caught with drugs are high enough that it is essential to hire a Florida drug offense attorney.

You Still Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer If Your Dad Is the Sheriff

Conducting controlled buys is one of the more interesting activities of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, or any sheriff’s department.  There is never a dull moment when you pretend that you are just another average joe buying controlled substances on a street corner or in a motel room, and then, once the money and the drugs have changed hands, the law enforcement badges come out.  The controlled buy that took place this month in Franklin County, where the entire population does not exceed 12,000, was more interesting than most, however.  Undercover officers bought two ounces of methamphetamine from Kristen Kent, 38, and 14 grams from Bailey Adaire Lee, 25, then arrested them and took them to the county jail.

It wasn’t long before Franklin County Sheriff A.J. Smith arrived; he has made a name for himself by trying to stop the trafficking of meth and other drugs into Franklin County.  Kent is Smith’s daughter, and both were surprised to see each other there.  Kent is facing charges for drug trafficking, methamphetamine possession, and cocaine possession.  Lee is facing charges for trafficking in methamphetamine.  The WFLA news site did not say whether the defendants are believed to be part of a larger drug trafficking conspiracy.  Like all defendants in criminal cases, Kent and Lee are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Contact FL Drug Defense Group About Criminal Charges Related to Trafficking in Methamphetamine

A Central Florida criminal defense lawyer can help you if you are being charged with trafficking in methamphetamine or another controlled substance, even if you got caught during a controlled buy or by selling to a confidential informant.  Contact FL Drug Defense Group in Orlando, Florida to discuss your case.



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