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Monthly Archives: September 2020


Man Acquitted of Trafficking Flakka After His Lawyers Establish Reasonable Doubt That He Knew What Was in the Packages

By FL Drug Defense Group |

What happens if you get criminal charges because the police find drugs in your possession, and it is the first you ever found out about having any drugs?  You can win your case if you can argue that the drugs don’t belong to you.  You could also argue that they are not drugs, but… Read More »

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Dunedin Woman Could Face Life in Prison for Selling Drugs That Led to Fatal Overdose

By FL Drug Defense Group |

It is easy to think about drug crimes and violent crimes as being completely separate.  Pretrial diversion programs and alternative sentencing options are available to many people charged with drug-related offenses simply because the defendants, even if they committed the actions of which they were accused, were not directly endangering the lives or physical… Read More »

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Florida Teacher Faces Felony Drug Possession Charges After Burger King Drug Binge on Lunch Break

By FL Drug Defense Group |

When determining the severity of the drug possession charges a person faces, the quantity of the drugs matters, but so does the context in which the defendant possessed or consumed the drugs.  One can sometimes make the argument that my taking or possessing drugs, one is only hurting oneself, but if other people, especially… Read More »

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Meet the Floridians Serving Life Sentences After Pleading Guilty to Nonviolent Drug Charges

By FL Drug Defense Group |

The Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution prevents cruel and unusual punishment.  If you plead guilty, you will get a lighter sentence than you would if you had been found guilty at trial.  Life sentences without parole are only for the most violent of violent crimes, like murder.  All of these statements are true,… Read More »

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