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Monthly Archives: October 2020


Reality TV Star’s Drug Possession Case Shows How Addiction Can Cause a Domino Effect of Legal Problems

By FL Drug Defense Group |

You have probably heard the horrifying stories of people being handed life sentences for nonviolent crimes, such as Leandro Andrade, the California man who got two 25-to-life sentences for stealing VHS tapes from K-Mart and Rose Ann Davidson, the Texas woman handed a life sentence after six DUIs, none of which caused an accident. … Read More »

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Drug Paraphernalia Laws in Florida: Can You Go to Jail Just Because You Own Spoons?

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Let us take a moment to marvel at the word “paraphernalia.”  This darling of spelling bee hopefuls has a delightfully ambiguous meaning.  Its dictionary meaning is something along the lines of “items and equipment needed for a particular activity.”  No matter what hobby you have taken up during the COVID-19 pandemic, whether it is… Read More »

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Competitive Beardsman Gets 20 Years for Drug Trafficking

By FL Drug Defense Group |

The World Beard and Moustache Championship attracts participants from many countries and from all walks of life.  Some of the participants, such as Jack Passion, the first American to win the championship, identify as professional beardsmen, whose main focus in life is to grow and display their facial hair.  While competitive facial hair is… Read More »

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