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Monthly Archives: October 2021


Citrus County Teacher Faces Drug Trafficking Charges After A Search Of His Residence Yields Drugs And Paraphernalia

By FL Drug Defense Group |

The police do not have the right to search your residence without first obtaining a warrant.  In order to get a warrant, they must state compelling reasons for believing that a search will yield evidence of a crime.  You probably learned about this right either during a lesson or an impromptu lecture in middle… Read More »

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Much Ado About 13 Grams Of Weed

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Florida’s cannabis laws vary from one jurisdiction to another; while marijuana possession remains illegal at the state level, except for licensed medical cannabis patients, possession of small quantities of cannabis has been decriminalized in some counties and cities.  In some parts of Florida, the penalties for possessing 13 grams of weed amount simply to… Read More »

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Two Florida Police Officers Sentenced To Prison After Pleading Guilty To Transporting Cocaine Across Miami-Dade County

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Floridians can agree that the characters played by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in the Bad Boys movie franchise are the coolest buddy cops ever to grace the silver screen; this is obvious even to people who are too young to feel nostalgia for the 1980s.  The Bad Boys cops were probably not the… Read More »

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