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Monthly Archives: March 2020


Vero Beach Man Charged with Selling Cocaine and Methamphetamine

By FL Drug Defense Group |

The idea that you are not hurting anyone else by possessing drugs is gaining support.  While the prison population still includes people serving long sentences for possessing a single dose of an illegal drug, there is a growing sentiment that this is unfair.  Laws in the United States are still quite far from the… Read More »

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Three People Arrested on Drug Charges After Osceola County Traffic Stop

By FL Drug Defense Group |

An increasing number of Florida counties will let you get away with just a citation if they catch you in possession of a small amount of marijuana, and some of these cities are in the Orlando area.  If you have more than two ounces of weed, though, or if it is another drug, you… Read More »

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“Operation Deal Breaker” Leads to 30 People Being Charged with Selling Drugs in Areas Frequented by Children

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Crimes both minor and major get more severe punishments if they affected children or put them in danger.  For example, drunk driving is always against the law, but it is worse if a child is in the car with you.  Not wearing a seatbelt will get you a traffic citation, but transporting a young… Read More »

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Substance Use Disorder Is Common and Treatable, So Don’t Let the Court System Treat You Like a Hardened Criminal

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Tough love.  Harm reduction.  Rock bottom.  The Florida shuffle.  One day at a time.  All these terms related to the circumstances and consequences of drug use indicate one thing: addiction is agonizing for people who suffer from it and for those who care about them.  If you are able to put drug use behind… Read More »

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