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Monthly Archives: April 2024


Legal Implications of the Medical LSD Clinical Trials

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Exciting stuff happens in Florida all the time, but this one is different.  When a guy dives into a crocodile pond at a zoo in Florida, it’s just a regular day; only when he dives in a second time to retrieve his phone, and in the process gets the phone but loses a foot,… Read More »

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New Trends Offer Hope About Florida’s Drug Crisis

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Somewhere in one of Florida’s many sober living homes, two newfound drug buddies are relapsing as they trade stories about their many efforts to achieve sobriety.  Every offer of help from anyone seems to come with three more obstacles standing between a recovering-for-now addict and long-term sobriety.  This trend holds true even if you… Read More »

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Will Your Drug Case Have a Jury Trial?

By FL Drug Defense Group |

If your civics class in high school was especially thorough, you might have learned about the ways that civil trials are different from criminal trials.  You may have learned that judges decide the outcome in a civil trial, but in a criminal trial, 12 jurors make the decision.  This is better than not knowing… Read More »

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