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Monthly Archives: February 2023


A Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Make The Difference Between Drug Court And Juvenile Detention

By FL Drug Defense Group |

The beginning of every new year serves as a reminder that the days for a parent are long, but the years are short.  It seems like yesterday that your children were harmless infants whose only means of causing you to worry were by refraining from eating, sleeping, or pooping as you would want them… Read More »

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Meet Central Florida’s Own Magic Mushroom

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Florida’s native flora and fauna bring delight to locals and tourists alike, and invasive species are a peril to the Sunshine State’s ecosystem.  Florida panthers and key deer have become vanishingly rare, and in certain parts of Florida, Australian melaleuca trees outnumber native mangroves and the green iguana, native to Central and South America,… Read More »

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Three Orange County Men Receive Prison Sentences For Fentanyl Trafficking

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Fentanyl is the deadliest drug; a tiny crumb of the stuff, barely visible to the naked eyes, can kill.  Drug trafficking is the scariest drug offense charge; in some circumstances, a conviction for drug trafficking can result in a life sentence in prison.  Therefore, even though the sentences resulting from a case where three… Read More »

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Two Defendants Face Drug Trafficking Charges After Police Search House In North Port

By FL Drug Defense Group |

What are the most common ways that people get caught selling drugs?  Some drug busts ensue after someone sells drugs to an undercover officer and then gets arrested and, as part of a plea deal, provides information about other people involved in the drug trafficking operation.  In other cases, people pose with drugs and… Read More »

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