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Monthly Archives: July 2023


Depositions in Florida Drug Cases

By FL Drug Defense Group |

The evidence that the prosecution and defense present at a criminal trial is a surprise to the jury, but it is not a surprise to the defendant.  Before the trial, there is a long process where both sides search for and examine evidence and form the arguments that they plan to present at trial. … Read More »

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Search Warrant at Indian River County House Leads to Two Arrests on Drug Charges

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Robert King and Nicole Ladouceur live on 40th Avenue in Vero Beach.  If they lived somewhere else, several important details of the criminal case against them would be different.  In April 2023, the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office and Vero Beach Police Department executed a search warrant at King and Ladouceur’s house.  During the… Read More »

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Proposed Recreational Cannabis Constitutional Amendment Gets Enough Signatures for Ballot Initiative

By FL Drug Defense Group |

Compared to a decade ago, there are many more opportunities to smoke weed or eat cannabis edibles in Florida without fear of criminal penalties.  Medical cannabis once sounded like something that only made sense when you were high and waiting for the pizza delivery to arrive, but now numerous Floridians have medical cannabis cards… Read More »

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The Sixth Amendment And Your Drug Case

By FL Drug Defense Group |

In some drug cases, your best hope is to try to enter a pretrial diversion program, which will result in the court dropping the charges against you after you successfully complete the program.  Pretrial diversion for drug cases, sometimes known as drug court, is only an option if your charges are for a misdemeanor… Read More »

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