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Florida Drug Defense Attorney > Blog > Drug Crime Defense > State Troopers Arrest Two Orlando Men in Traffic Stop, Seize Self-Described “Bag Full of Drugs”

State Troopers Arrest Two Orlando Men in Traffic Stop, Seize Self-Described “Bag Full of Drugs”


Some drug busts require months of investigative work before authorities have probable cause to suspect defendants of possessing, consuming, or distributing drugs.  Other times, though, it seems like people are going out of their way to get caught.  Whether they post pictures of their drugs on social media, make drug references on vanity license plates, or simply light up illegal substances in public, they make it easy for law enforcement to have enough evidence of illegal activity for law enforcement to investigate further or secure a warrant.  No matter the circumstances of the arrest, the defendants are presumed innocent at trial.  Even so, it is easier for a Florida drug crimes defense lawyer to establish reasonable doubt in a case about a baggie full of white powder than about a bag clearly marked “bag full of drugs.”

Bag Full of Drugs, Indeed

Ian Simmons and Joshua Reinhardt both live in Orlando, but one Saturday evening in February 2020, they were riding in Simmons’ new gray Kia on I-10 in Santa Rosa County in the Florida panhandle.  State troopers decided to pull the car over because Simmons was speeding, and once the men showed their identification to the troopers, they realized that Reinhardt has a felony arrest warrant out for violating his probation in Orange County.  That was only the beginning of the trouble, though.

The state troopers called deputies from the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office, and they arrived with K-9s.  The deputies searched the vehicle and had the dogs sniff for drugs, but what the K-9s found was identifiable as drugs, even to someone who doesn’t have a trained nose.  In addition to drug paraphernalia, the search yielded two white zip-top cloth bags, each about the size of a large pencil case, marked “BAG FULL OF DRUGS” in bold letters.

The bags were, in fact, full of drugs.  They contained the following substances:

  • 1 gram of cocaine
  • 6 grams of fentanyl
  • 15 MDMA tablets
  • 75 grams of methamphetamine
  • 36 kilograms of GHB

GHB, which occurs naturally in the body in small amounts, has medical uses including general anesthesia and the treatment of narcolepsy.  It is used illegally as a recreational drug, added to victims’ drinks as a date rape drug, and injected to improve athletic performance.

Simmons and Reinhardt were taken to the Santa Rosa County Jail, and the Sheriff’s Office posted a snarky message on Facebook, with a picture of the self described bags of drugs.  Given the large quantity of GHB, it is likely that the men will be charged with possession with intent to deliver.

Let Us Help You Today

Even when illegal drugs are clearly labeled as such, defendants in criminal cases still have the right to a fair trial and to the presumption of innocence.  A Florida drug offense lawyer can help you fight your charges or arrange a plea deal, even if the evidence against you seems very strong.  Contact FL Drug Defense Group to discuss your case.




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